West Marin

Massage & Wellness

Classic Relaxation Massage

Enjoy a Swedish relaxation massage that focuses on achieving overall balance and circulation within the large, superficial muscles of the body. Helps break up myofascial adhesions and improve range of motion.

A great way to relieve stress!

$120 ~ 60 min massage 

$150 ~ 90 min massage


Deep Tissue Massage

Great for addressing chronic pain and stiffness related to old injuries or postural imbalances. Aims to release the deeper muscles of the body generally not addressed in a Swedish massage. 

$120 ~ 60 min massage 

$150 ~ 90 min massage 

Hot Stone Massage

Blend a relaxing Swedish massage with hot stones for a warming and deeply relaxing experience.  Hot stones also help to soothe tight muscles, allowing for a deeper massage.  

$120 ~ 60 min massage 

$150 ~ 90 min massage 

Thai Herbal Compress

These heated herb packs (filled with traditional Thai herbs and spices including lemongrass, turmeric, parai, kaffier lime, camphor and tamarind) help to relax the soft tissues of the body, increase circulation and promote overall health and well being.

$120 ~ 60 min massage 

$150 ~ 90 min massage

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